Recently, some friends and I were talking about knowing one’s passion in life and how it connects to our work. For me, my passion has always been about helping others in some way. My focus throughout my career has been in nonprofit management and contributing through communication, marketing, systemic planning and program development. My purpose continues to be contributing to the improvement of the ever-changing landscape of education and environment, which in my opinion is essential to building a strong and vibrant community.

As a consultant I provide project management, organizational development, communication and design services. Previous to this, my background has been in nonprofit management. For anyone who has worked in either setting, you know how important it is to be flexible, make connections and to be adaptable in order to get the job done. Luckily that also means I’ve had a chance to gain expertise in a number of areas, which helps to enrich the services I can provide my clients. I love to dig in and to be a part of the solution an organization or team is facing, to unravel the issue and address roadblocks, to collaborate and find ways to motivate people to get the job done.

Thanks for taking a peek into my adventure. Let’s stay connected, I’d love to chat with you and brainstorm ideas, laugh, brew new plans and business ideas.